GCSE Results 2023

“Record-breaking GCSE Results: We’re sure alumnae will be delighted to see another record smashed!

The results achieved by the Upper Fifth were above those ever recorded pre-pandemic and the percentage of 9-8 and 9-7 grades was also higher than those of last year, which was the final year that COVID-related special arrangements were in place for GCSE grading.

This year:

– 59.5% of grades were 9s (2019: 59.4%)

– 85% of grades were 9-8s (2019: 82%)

– 97% of grades were 9-7s (2019: 93%)

Of the total cohort of 87 students, 77 (89%) took 10 or more GCSEs. Fourteen students achieved 10 straight grade 9s and one student achieved 11 straight grade 9s. A total of 27 students (31%) achieved nine or more GCSEs at grade 9.

Kirsty von Malaisé, KEHS Principal, said: “This is a superb set of GCSE results and our Upper Fifth students should be immensely proud of all they have achieved individually. For the school, to have surpassed our pre-pandemic results and to also have recorded 9-8s and 9-7s above last year’s figures is a cause for celebration, and my congratulations go to all students, their families and the staff who have supported them so well during the last couple of years.

“It is always difficult to select highlights from such a strong set of results, but I am delighted with the achievements in languages, which are still part of our core curriculum at GCSE. In Spanish, 100% of students achieved 9-7s (2019: 100%), while in French the same was achieved by 94% of students (2019: 90%) and in German by 82% of students (a new subject since 2019). Meanwhile, Greek and Latin, the latter remaining a well-subscribed subject, both saw 100% of their students achieve 9-8s.

“Reflecting the breadth of the curriculum at KEHS, I would also like to highlight our results in Art, in which an impressive 50% of 20 students achieved a grade 9 (2019: 14%) and 100% of students achieved 9-7s (2019: 82%), and also Physics, in which 69% of students achieved a grade 9 (2019: 56%) and 95% of students achieved 9-7s (2019: 91%).

“Today’s results are underpinned by stories of great resilience, co-curricular endeavour and service, and we know that our consistently outstanding results are not only achieved through outstanding teaching, but also through the broad opportunities students engage in through our all-round education.


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