Access to an excellent education should never be a privilege limited by economic or social barriers. Help us break them.


Lorna - A KEHS Mum

"I was overwhelmed when my daughter was awarded an AP but now to have her funding tied to an individual who will watch her progression with interest is almost too much. I got tearful reading the offer. How big hearted and unselfish of a person who is a stranger to want to give my daughter a chance at a school like KEHS? My daughter is thrilled, she doesn't quite comprehend the enormity of her sponsor's generosity, but she understands this offer is very, very special."


"I always knew I wanted to come to KEHS. As a little girl, my mum would drive past the school gates and tell me that if I worked hard enough, that is where I could go. KEHS was such an important turning point in my life."


"I was so excited to have a chance to attend such a fantastic school. I remember coming in for the entrance exam; the entrance hall was so big and I was so nervous, but everyone was in the same boat and we had pizza for lunch a rare treat that really calmed me down!"


"I came to KEHS for the Sixth Form. My parents were really keen for me to come to a school where I could discover my passions as well as develop my education. When I saw the new Ruddock Performing Arts Centre I knew that KEHS was the place for me."

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