Since its foundation in 1889, the Old Edwardian Club has been overseen by a committee of Old Edwardians. For decades, these dedicated volunteers ran the Old Edwardian Club and organised all of its events and publications. In 2011, the Committee handed over the day-to-day running of Old Edwardian activities to the Development Team; but they remain the guiding force behind everything we do, offering their many years of experience and advice for the betterment of the community. What’s more, the Birmingham Girls’ Old Edwardian Club remains the largest donor to The KEHS Trust to date.

Annette Duffy: Chair (Class of 1983 & Past Parent)

Anna Emery: Treasurer (Class of 1997)

Jan Smith: Staff Representative (Former Staff & Past Parent)

Angela Clayton-Turner: Primary London Branch Contact (Class of 1957)

Lois Freedman-Singer: Secondary London Branch Contact (Class of 1946)

Judy Dyke: Loan & Gift Fund Secretary (Class of 1973 & Past Parent)

General Committee Members:

Janet Burgess (Class of 1970)

Cas Britton

Barbara Davis (Class of 1944)

Sylvia Dicker (Class of1954)

Molly King (Class of 1954)

Helen Nixon (Class of 1966)

Alice Stanley (Class of 1994)

Gabrielle Stanley (Class of 1965)