1996-2013: Miss Sarah Evans

Miss Sarah Evans was hired in 1996 and was the first headmistress to be married and have a child. She shared many of the school's core values and was keenly interested in community service and broadening opportunities.

As a Quaker, quiet contemplation was a valuable part of her life. This was reflected in school with the introduction of a moment of silence at the end of assembly, to replace prayers in an increasingly modern and multi-faith school. Miss Evans encouraged girls to develop their interests outside of the classroom, founding the Breakfast Club - a group enabling Sixth Form to discuss current affairs - and starting Sixth Form Seminar Lunches - an opportunity for girls to give a presentation on a subject of their choice to a group of subject specialists, parents, staff and governors as preparation for university interviews.

It was also under Miss Evans' leadership that the school became increasingly involved in teacher training, opened the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre and, in 2011, became a National Teaching School. Miss Evans also faced her share of difficulties, including dealing with the withdrawal of government assisted places. It later fell to her to make the difficult decision about iGCSEs, which offer a better curriculum in many subjects, but which wreak havoc with the league tables.

For many years, the senior leadership team of Miss Evans, Mrs Bannister and Mrs Eames formed an important part of the school's character, with each of them knowing all of the girls on an individual basis. Mrs Bannister and Mrs Eames retired in 2005, but remain actively involved in the school to this day. Miss Evans retired in 2013.