1953-1964: Miss Lloyd-Williams

In September 1953, Miss Lloyd-Williams came to KEHS from Roedean Public School where she had worked as a senior housemistress. This was a change from previous headmistresses, who had always held the role before.

Miss Lloyd-Williams' time as headmistress saw the school's musical and dramatic activities flourish. By the end of the 50s, the calendar was full of concerts, plays, musicals and dances. Though some of these activities were joint with KES, the girls were keen to work together more. Both Miss Lloyd-Williams and Canon Lunt disagreed, conceding only to the addition of a square dance should a suitable committee be formed.

In 1964, the school's indoor pool was opened. It was also the year in which Miss Lloyd-Williams retired. She was remembered for her undeniable courage and good humour.