Careers Volunteering during COVID-19

We're hugely grateful to all the Old Edwardians who have volunteered to help the girls with remote careers advice whilst the school is closed.

We ask that all volunteers please read the policy below, and then complete the subsequent form.

COVID-19 Careers Policy

We value the input of Old Edwardians, visitors and external agencies to enrich the experiences of our students. As we continue to work remotely, we hope to continue to offer these same opportunities safely within this new environment.

We ask all visiting speakers to familiarise themselves with these guidelines in terms of safeguarding as required by the Department for Education. All visiting speakers will also be asked to read and agree to uphold the Visiting Speaker Policy in advance. They will then be recorded on an internal register of speakers.

All contact between students and visiting speakers should be conducted using official school and business email addresses. Once consent is obtained from all concerned, the pupil will be provided with the visiting speaker’s business email address. A third party from the school must be included in all email exchanges. For Old Edwardian speakers, this will be

Similarly, virtual meetings must be held with a member of staff present, using school-approved software, such as Google Meet or Zoom. In this instance, the visiting speaker may use the camera function, as well as the audio. Pupils may use audio-interaction only.

We warmly encourage Old Edwardians to send in pre-recorded audio or visual content. This will be reviewed by a member of staff before it is shared with pupils.

No contact information, other than approved school or business email addresses, may be shared. No one-to-one interactions (digital or face-to-face) should be arranged. Should the pupil and the visiting speaker wish to stay in touch (for example, if the visiting speaker may be able to offer work experience when normal life resumes), the pupil and visiting speaker should contact the school for guidance before making any arrangements.

If during the interaction, the visiting speaker becomes concerned that a pupil is being harmed or is at risk of harm, or if they receive a disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally), they should please ask the supervising member of the KEHS staff to assist them in contacting the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Sarah Shore-Nye, as quickly as possible so that this may be reported to her. Please do not attempt to investigate the concern.

Please also note the following:

  • Any messages communicated to students should not undermine our values of the rule of law, democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
  • Activities should be appropriate to the age and needs of the students.
  • Activities should use the minimum technology that is needed, to make them as broadly accessible as possible.

Privacy Statement

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