Sponsoring a Girl

Sponsoring a girl is one of the most direct ways to support a girl through her time at KEHS. It affords the sponsor the opportunity to see first-hand the difference that an Assisted Place will make to someone's life.

You can offer to sponsor a girl throughout her time at KEHS (7 years) or for the Sixth Form (2 years).

Meet a current sponsor and read a little about why they have chosen to support the Trust.

If you would like any more information, our Development Director would love to hear from you to discuss how you can change a pupil’s life.

KEHS has provided me with two amazing years of high quality education, A Level results to be proud of and an opportunity to make best friends. I am incredibly grateful to my generous sponsor, without whom KEHS would never have been an option for me.
Joshmyn, Class of 2017 - the first sponsored pupil to graduate from KEHS