Giving Stocks, Shares or Property

Since April 2000, there have been generous tax advantages for individuals who want to donate stocks, shares, land or buildings to a UK charity. You may be able to claim relief on Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

Income Tax Relief

Giving to a UK charity reduces your Income Tax liability for the year in which you made the gift. The value of your donation is deducted from your total taxable income, saving you up to 45% of the value of your gift.

Capital Gains Tax Relief

Giving land, property or shares to a UK charity can also reduce your Capital Gains Tax liability. In the majority of circumstances, you don’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax on land, property or shares you give to charity.

Qualifying Gifts

We advise that anyone seeking to make a gift of stocks, shares or property consults a financial advisor, to check that their gifts qualify and to make the most of the available tax advantages. You can also find out more here.

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