Assisted Places

Our School has always aimed to offer an extra-ordinary education to girls from ordinary backgrounds. From 1944 until 1979, this was made possible by the government Direct Grant system. During this time, the majority of pupils paid no fees at all. KEHS was able to offer a first-class education that truly transformed the lives of its pupils.

This system was abolished by the Government in 1979 and replaced with the Government Assisted Places scheme. This support was only available to around a third of pupils, and it too ended in 1997. Government support was over for good. It fell to the Foundation to try to fill this huge funding gap.

Today, the Foundation spends around £1,000,000 a year providing Assisted Places. These are means-tested awards of up to 100% of school fees and can also include help towards school trips and uniforms. However, with 9 schools in the Foundation, this is the limit to which they can support us at present.

Despite their support, we still have a long way to go. Each year, around 60% of girls sitting the entrance exam request some sort of financial assistance. Of those who are offered a place, as many as 30 girls have to turn it down owing to a lack of funding.

Since the launch of The KEHS Trust, hundreds of Old Edwardians, parents and friends of the school have stepped in to ensure that our School remains accessible to all bright girls across our region. This is an ambitious goal, but our community has never shied away from a challenge.

We believe that, by giving together, Old Edwardians like you can open our school to all bright girls.

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