We are delighted to launch series two of Ed Talks - a series of podcasts featuring interviews with interesting Old Eds from both sides of the drive. The series is produced by Ben Anderson (KES 2006) of Sound Rebel, a podcast production company that creates podcasts for businesses, organisations and charities across the UK.

Please note that the views expressed are those of the speakers themselves and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our schools, their employees or constituents.

You can subscribe now on all major channels and you can find them online here.

More Ed Talks to be announced.

We would love to hear what you think so please do get in touch and let us know. If you'd like to apply to feature in a podcast, please email us at development@kehsmail.co.uk.

Series One

Series 1

Directors Elliot and Zander Weaver (KES 2006 and 2009) who describe making their first feature film, Cosmos.

Natalie Haynes (KEHS 1993) talks Classics and comedy.

Dame Louise Makin (KEHS 1978) speaks about her career in business leadership.

Dr Seb Heaven (KES 2006) discusses his career in medicine and living internationally.

Lee Child (KES 1973) and Andrew Child discuss the future of Jack Reacher and growing up in Birmingham.

Response to Covid. A panel discussion with Alexa Joyce, Malcom Warr OBE, and Dr Hermine Graham.

Hannah Proops (KEHS 1997) talks about her role as Director of Drama and about TuneUp, an initiative created by Hannah and the Principal of KEHS, Kirsty von Malaisé.

Richard Wolffe (KES 1987), the US Columnist for The Guardian. Richard talks about the Black Lives Matter movement and what Joe Biden's victory could mean for campaigners.

Sumit Dheir (KES 2006), talks about how his A Level Economic Classes inspired him to want to work in the world of finance.

Professor Emma Rees (KEHS 1987), is the Director of the Institute of Gender Studies at Chester University. Emma discusses a number of topics, from the work she does at the University around gender and identity to her published work.

Grace Gwynne (KEHS 2013), talks about her route to becoming a barrister, and how the courts are operating in regards to COVID.

Series Two

The Sehdev Sisters (KEHS 2001, 2005 & 2011): in this episode of Ed Talks, Old Edwardian Ben Anderson (2006) talks to four sisters who all went to KEHS - Gayatri Sehdev (2001), Sara Sehdev (2005), Jyoti Sehdev (2011) and Aarti Sehdev (2011).

Lexi Willetts (KEHS 1999) started her career as an intellectual property lawyer. Working as Head of IP for Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), during her tenure FIFA revolutionised their commercial programme by announcing two World Cup host countries at the same time. Some five years later and after completing a masters, she transitioned to consumer tech and is now the Founder and CEO of fashion-tech venture, Little Black Door.

Robert Whalley (KES1965) left school in 1965 and went on to study History at the University of Cambridge. He didn't necessarily know what he wanted to do as a career during his time in education, but upon leaving university he applied to be in the Civil Service and was posted to the Home Office, where he enjoyed an incredibly long and successful career.

Lindsey Davis (KEHS 1967) talks about what it's like to be a writer, but also reflects back on both Birmingham and wider society in terms of how gender roles have changed since she was a girl. She's a proud Brummie who's now living back in Edgbaston after forty years in London, and she discusses what traits she developed at KEHS which have stayed with her throughout her life.