Double your Donation...

... and unlock Assisted Places with the Michael Marsh Match

2017 has been an incredible year for The KEHS Trust. Inspired by the launch of the Delyvere Campaign for Assisted Places, local charity The Michael Marsh Charitable Trust has generously pledged a £210,000 commitment in support of Assisted Places which, with a 'matched funding challenge' and the support of Old Edwardians and friends, will generate £420,000 in total. We have no doubt that the inexhaustible energy and generosity of Old Edwardians will help us to meet this visionary target, widening access to bright girls with the talent, but not the means, to come here.

This remarkable gift is the largest donation received to date from outside our alumnae community, and we are keen to make the most of every penny! The challenge is open until April 2018 and all donations will be matched pound for pound, doubling the value of every gift you make.

We have been delighted with the response we have received so far: thanks to the support of Old Edwardians near and far, we’ve already matched around half of this extraordinary commitment, some of which is already funding a girl through school, and guaranteeing a second place for 2018.

The challenge is now on to secure funding for two more Assisted Places in 2018. If we complete the challenge, your gift will go further still: The Trust has also promised additional support for girls on Assisted Places to participate in extracurricular activities such as overseas trips and music lessons.

By helping us to match this challenge, you will ensure that access to opportunity doesn't begin and end at the school gate, offering Assisted Place holders experiences which will last a lifetime.

Click here to make your gift, helping to unlock two new Assisted Places and transform the lives of girls with the talent, but not the means, to flourish here.

Qualifying Gifts

Gifts which qualify for the match include single donations, regular donations and gifts of shares, which are particularly tax effective. For new regular gifts or an increase to an existing regular donation made during this time, the total three-year value of the gift will be matched.


Since 1883, KEHS has aimed to offer an extraordinary education to all bright girls in our region. For many years, the majority of girls came to KEHS free of charge under the Direct Grant system. During that time, KEHS was a simple meritocracy – open to the brightest girls in our region, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Since the withdrawal of Government support, each year around 30 girls who have earned their place here have to turn it down for financial reasons.

In 2015, The KEHS Trust was launched to raise funds for Assisted Places and restore accessibility to our school. Thanks to over 400 friends and benefactors, 15 new Assisted Places have now been created. This year we launched the next phase of our Assisted Places Campaign, Delyvere, which aims to increase the number of girls on Assisted Places to 25% by 2020. This is no mean feat: to meet our target, we must create five new Assisted Places every year.

The Michael Marsh Match has enabled us to meet this target for 2017 and we invite you to join The Trust in unlocking two places for 2018 entrants. Not only will this offer a sure start for meeting our target each year, it will utterly transform the lives of the recipients, just as KEHS transformed so many of our lives.