22 Aug

Another Impressive Year for GCSE Results!

Students at KEHS are celebrating another impressive year at GCSE, with a stunning 59% of all the exams awarded the highest ranking Grade 9, a grade achieved only by the top scholars in the country. Overall, 82% grades were awarded Grades 8-9 and 93% Grades 9-7 (equivalent to A*/A). 15 girls out of a year group of 94 achieved all Grade 9s; 35 students scored at least 8 Grade 9s and 67 achieved all Grades 7-9.Principal Ann Clark said: “These remarkable results are a tribute to the girls’ hard work, determination and ambition, together with the professionalism and inspiration offered by our dedicated team of staff. We are delightedto be celebratingtoday with our students and their families”.

The students have confounded reports that girls are not enthusiasticabout STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths): 91% achieved Grades 7-9 in Biology, 92% in Chemistry, 90% in Physics and 91% in Mathematics, with 15 students scoring Grade A in the demandingAdditional Maths qualification, astepping stone between GCSE and A Level. In Modern Foreign Languages, a curriculum area increasingly chosen only by the most able and tenaciousstudents, 100% grades in Spanish and Russian, and 90% of French grades were at 7-9.

There were outstanding results in a broad range of other subjects too: in History an astonishing 92% of the exams scored Grade 9s, while in Geography 86% of papers achieved the top grade. In English Language, 97% of the grades were 7-9 with 77% scoring Grade 9s.

“I am extremely proud of these young women who have achieved exceptional results in a wide range of academic subjects, whilst also embracing many other aspects of school life. We aim to give all students a broad and balanced education, and these students have combined academic success with a huge range of extra-curricular activities – performing in music, drama and sport at the highest levels and for pleasure, as well as raising money for a number of charities. These young women have huge potential and I look forward to following their success as they embark on their A Level Studies.” added Ann Clark.