09 Feb

KEHS delyveres the prestigious Fundraising Initiative of the Year Award!

What better asset does our school have than our pupils?

Last night, King Edward VI High School for Girls was awarded the Fundraising Initiative of the Year award at the Tes Independent School Awards 2018. The award recognises the enthusiasm and dedication of the Sixth Form pupils in our Trust Club, embedding student engagement within our campaign for Assisted Places.

The Trust Club initiative has harnessed the full range of talents and interests within our student body to help raise money for Assisted Places, which makes the school more accessible to bright girls, regardless of their household income.

These remarkable young women are our best advocates for the next generation; amiable and articulate, they are the perfect advertisement for the outstanding education and unique atmosphere of our school. The girls whole-heartedly believe in continuing and widening accessibility to the school and work tirelessly to ensure that other girls are afforded the same opportunities they enjoy.

The students truly worked as a team, using the individual skills of each young woman to make the initiative a success; whether it was debating club members phoning alumnae, A-level artists designing the new logo, technology enthusiasts creating social media content or dramatists helping to film the new campaign video.

Although the judges were not looking at the highest sums raised by entrants in this category, the success of the scheme is shown by the £35,000 raised over the phone in just six days last October.

The judges said: “From a strong field of entries, KEHS emerged as worthy winners through their innovative ‘Trust Club’ of sixth-formers. With great enthusiasm and dedication, the girls rapidly raised substantial funds for bursaries and have evidently sown the seeds of a highly sustainable philanthropic culture focused on widening access to the excellent education provided by the school.”

The award was presented by author, broadcaster, actor and entertainer Gyles Brandreth, and Tes editor Ann Mroz.