14 Jul

DofE: a message from Mrs Hosty

Get on with it…. (and make Mrs Hosty happy!)

Are you still under 25?

Have you got a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award that you didn’t ever complete?

Then this is for you!

Earlier this month I had e-mails from two old girls, Bella and Chloe, to tell me they had been to Buckingham Palace to collect Gold Awards. This made me really proud. Both girls had had to persevere through all kinds of minor queries and niggles over dates and signatures, but they had stuck at it and reached their goal.

I know lots of you are in the same position; tiny things that need fixing, one section that needs signing and so on. So I am hoping to encourage a few more of you to get the awards you worked so hard for. It doesn’t have to be Gold, for some of you the Bronze Expedition was a massive challenge.

If you are one of the year groups who are on eDofE it is very easy. Search for the site, use the “Forgotten Password” button and away you go. Your user name is usually just firstnamesurname all as one word, but if you have problems e-mail me on ch@kehsmail.co.uk. I can fix most things…

If you are old enough to have had a record book I am afraid you are going to have to try and find it, which is obviously a bit more of a challenge.

We have to clear everything out of the staff work room this summer (how to make a teacher grumpy!) So I am, sadly, throwing away lots of projects featuring girls looking windswept on top of hills across the UK. But I remember you all, the good times and the bad. So, make me happy, complete your awards.

And do please e-mail if you need any help. I’ll be checking it most days in the summer.

Good luck with life,

Mrs H.